About Me: Amber Hanson, Photography & Graphic Design


Hi, I’m Amber Hanson. Creativity is my passion. If I’m not photographing an event, I’m behind a computer making graphics for websites, email and sometimes even for print.


Some of my favorite things that I’ve photographed are: Paris, London, and the North Loop in Minneapolis. You can maybe tell that I love to travel. I also enjoy finding interesting and unique things to photograph. If something has a funky shadow, or appears in just the right lighting, I’ll drop everything to photograph it.

Graphic Design

As far as graphic design work goes, I spent 5 years at companies that didn’t excite me to build up my portfolio. Now I’m working at a non-profit and truly enjoy the work I get to do. Some of this work includes: email design, social media graphics and website banners.

Check out my portfolio to see even more of my work..

Let’s Chat

Are you looking for an event photographer? Hit me up. Need graphic design consultation? I’m your gal! Are you a like-minded creative who’s looking to network? That’s cool too. Let’s get coffee.

Contact me

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, blogging about my travels, taking photos of interesting things, practicing my french, canoeing and riding my bicycle.

If you’re in need of a freelancer, or have an idea of a project you want to collaborate on, get in touch!